Dyno Tuning

Dyno tuning is the only method to truly give your vehicle the best performance possible. Coupled with modern equipment and experienced professionals. At Sheni’s Auto Trend, we like to think all of our services help in setting the industry standards. We always closely examine our process and build or improve on it if needed. Our dyno tuning methods are the only way to correctly tune a car for performance. This means you will experience an improved feel when operating your car, while you will also save money on fuel due to the increased optimization.

What is Dyno Tuning?

The dyno tuning we provide is systematic, precise, and innovative. While not essential, we highly recommend this type of servicing to ensure your vehicle is always in the best possible condition. Dyno tuning is the process of attaching your car to our diagnostic system and running your vehicle to obtain our needed information. From there, we will adjust and “tweak” your vehicle to ensure you can achieve the maximum performance, at the minimum cost. In addition to the obvious benefit of peace of mind, dyno tuning will increase the performance of your car in other ways you may not have necessarily expected.

Benefits of Dyno Tuning

  • More power – To feel in control of your vehicle, you need it to respond to your actions. Proper tuning simply means more power & more control
  • Maximum reliability – Lower chances of an unexpected repair
  • Increased fuel economy – With everything being in it’s place, your car can put more into other important aspects such as fuel economy
  • Greater torque spread – Better fitting components means more power to your entire engine
  • Improved throttle response – This simply means there is a more precise response every time you press the gas peddle
  • Improved daily performance – After a dyno service, you will feel that your vehicle overall performs better. This means smoother startup, and more power behind the wheel

Feel free to contact us to talk more about our dyno tuning service!

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