Porsche Diagnostics & Repair

porsche repair | porsche mechanic | independent porsche servicePorsche service is something proud Porsche drivers take seriously, which is why Sheni’s Auto-Trend takes every minor or major issue seriously. Porsche is in a league of its own, and the true sport car experience demands the best in quality diagnostics and repair. Sheni’s Auto-Trend service facility carries modern up-to-date machinery able to diagnose and fix any problem. Don’t wait any longer to fix your baby, come see why we are the leader in dealer alternatives.

Porsche Repair & Service

We provide all schedule factory maintenance and service, and we honor all extended and third party warranties. Our team of professionals have decades of experience and will explain your Porsche’s needs in clear and straightforward terms. Once you approve the work we will get it done quickly. If you have a check engine or warning light on, call us today to schedule an appointment. We will get you back on the road in no time.

Regular maintenance and repair is the key to reliable operation of your Porsche. Master technicians at Sheni’s Auto-Trend are professionally trained and have all the skills and tools to get your Porsche into top shape. All schedule factory as well as preventive maintenance and service provided by Sheni’s Auto-Trend will minimize your costs and preserve the performance of your Porsche.

Don’t let your Porsche experience an IMS bearing failure, because if it does, there is no turning back. A complete engine disassembly is required to replace the intermediate shaft and in most cases, complete rebuild or engine replacement is your only option. Here at Sheni’s Auto-Trend we can prevent the failure of your Porsche engine by performing IMS Retrofit or IMS solution.

  1. Mileage Based Service
  2. Intermediate Shaft Repair
  3. Coding / Programming
  4. Vacuum System
  5. Diagnosis and repair
  6. Maintenance/service
  7. Mechanical repairs
  8. Electrical repairs
  9. Air conditioning repairs
  10. Alignments
  11. Wheels and tires
  12. Exhaust repairs/upgrades
  13. Modifications
  14. Glass replacement
  15. Cleaning/detailing
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