ECU and Chip Tuning

Your car will finally have the set up, it deserves. From stock the set up is average, for standard, mixed use of the car including city drives, high ways, short and long distances. With the Sheni’s Auto-Trend tuning the performance side of the car in unleashed and the car accelerates better in the lower rpm’s, feels much stronger and in the higher rpm’s the engine performs more dynamically and more powerful which results in higher speeds and available top end power. All that guarantees more driving pleasure, fun and can be more fuel-efficient.

A vehicles ECU (Electronic Control Unit) controls all of the engines operating functions. These include fuel, timing, turbo boost, throttle control, and much more. There are also hundreds of algorithms which make adjustments to the engines functions dependent upon current operating conditions; such as intake temperature, barometric pressure, fuel quality, etc.

Vehicle manufacturers typically tune the vehicles ECU very conservatively. This leaves unused performance available. Sheni’s Auto-Trend precisely tunes the ECU “maps” that effect performance such as fuel, timing, boost pressure, and throttle response. In most cases we also raise or remove governors. All of the engines safety parameters are left in tact. Part throttle fuel and timing are optimized to deliver better highway fuel economy and smoothness. The result is a car that has better drivability that is standard with much more available power and performance. The overall reliability and longevity of the engine are not compromised.

The ECU tuning procedure is as follows:

We arrange for a date for the tuning. You arrive with your car and we assess your current modifications (if any) and establish basis for your specific tune. Notes are made on brand and upgrades you may currently have on your car, which play a vital role in implementing an exact, tailor-made tune. The duration of the actual tuning depends on your car and ECU model. If we can download the software via the OBD (on-board-diagnostic) connector, the process takes approx. 30mins – to 1 hour. Once the software is downloaded, you may have your car back for the day. We then back up a copy of your original software and check for the drivers to obtain the ECU maps. If the Driver is not available, we the send the file with some basic information from you car to Italy for a driver request along with the overview of your current modifications. The driver usually arrives overnight and we tune the file in house for your car the next available day. The upload of the modified software usually takes place the next day (or any day of your choice). The upload again takes around 30 min and up to approx. 1 hour. If we are unable to tune your car via the OBD connector, we will tune it with the ECU from the car.

If the ECU needs to be removed from the car, then the procedure takes usually a bit longer – approx. 2-3 hours. Usually your vehicle would need to stay with us overnight. If not possible, you can have the car back and come the next day or any day of your choice for the upload of the new performance software.

With our equipment and hardware we can tune over 90% of European cars, sports cars, BMWs, Porsches, Mercedes, VW, Audi and others. We are also able to tune Motorcycles including Ducati’s.


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