• Aliasger Jaffer

    The only shop I trust for my cars. I don’t trust anyone else anymore.

    Date of Posting: December 16th, 2013
    Posted by: Aliasger Jaffer
    2003 BMW M3

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  • Tim Reyonds

    Sheni is trustworthy, which in my experience is very rare in this industry. When diagnosing a problem, he does not default to the most expensive solution. I had previously tried a dealership and another independent shop and Sheni is vastly superior in all respects to either of them.

    Date of Posting: September 4th, 2013
    Posted by: Tim Reyonds
    2004 BMW M3

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  • Ron Koper

    I have been going to Sheni’s Auto-Trend for over 25 years with a variety of cars which have been kept on the road, performing safely and well. A 78 BMW 530i up to 375k km, an 87 Audi Quattro 5000 up to 440k km, an 89 BMW 325ix up to 425k km, 2004 330xi, a 2005 BMW Mini Cooper S still going, a heavily modified (450+hp) 2008 335xi still flying and a 2012 BMW X5 5.0i M going like a rocket….

    Sheni is the only person from whom I have ever bought a car without even having test driven it (twice…both times with exceptional results). Auto-Trend has continually provided reliable, professional, reasonably priced service and has fully stood behind any work done. More importantly, Sheni has tackled any mechanical or performance challenge imaginable with an expertise and enthusiasm to get every ounce of performance possible without breaking the bank. I can’t imagine owning a high performance vehicle without having a team like Sheni’s in your corner!

    Date of Posting: 27 December 2012
    Posted By: Ron Koper
    2008 BMW 335xi, 2012 BMW X5, Calgary

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  • Phil Rempel

    In summer of 2011, I found believe it or not, a garage find M Roadster with 12,000kms that had sat for about 4 years in an old shed out in the country. The car was like new other than the 1′ of dust, but I wanted to make sure it was mechanically sound so did some web searching for a good BMW shop and of course, Sheni’s is at the top of the list for good reason. They went through the car top to bottom and it ran like a top when they were done. Over the last year Sheni and the team have helped me make it into the start of my ultimate M Roadster with custom wheels, TC Kline suspension all around, computer tune and a few cosmetic tweaks and always with the best service and a feeling they really are enthusiast’s that know the cars thoroughly and they treat you fairly and honestly which can’t be said about most dealers. Supercharger is next on the wish list…

    Date of Posting: 07 December 2012
    Posted By: Phil Rempel
    2002 BMW M Roadster, Calgary

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  • Zbigniew Kycia.

    If you are looking for a professional car service, repair, or maintenance at a reasonable price – Sheni’s Auto shop is the place to go. Perfect diagnostics and trouble finding. You will pay for what truly needs to be changed/replaced in your car. Small size business – family like hospitality and perfection in every aspect of work. Sheni will always find the time to listen to you and he will give you a smart advice. He will take care of your car – as if it is his own one.

    Date of Posting: 21 November 2012
    Posted By: Zbigniew Kycia.
    2007 BMW 335i, Calgary

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  • Kevin Tran

    I’ve been coming to Sheni’s for the last year on various issues with my car. They’ve been fair and helpful each time. Twice I had an emergency breakdown and had it towed to Sheni’s, they were prompt to service my vehicle and got me back on the road. Sheni, Zuhair and Joseph answered all my questions and were of great service. I would highly recommend them for your BMW needs.

    Date of Posting: 17 December 2011
    Posted By: Kevin Tran
    2003 X5

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  • Mr Moe

    How do i explain why you need no other specialist for your BMW steady steed?!!!!!! I started out with a BMW 528I that was chipped, modded and blessed with some staggered Beyerns chrome rims wrapped in Y rated Marangoni rubber. Then, i graduated to the best built BMW ever…the All impressive BMW E39!!!! Sheni couldnt wait to turn this docile V8 to a fire breathing powerplant…..chipped, custom interior paint job, custom exhaust pipes( manifold out), adjustable shocks, staggered deep dish black w/chrome beyerns wrapped in Marangoni rubber. I’ve since added an E60 to my stable and Sheni is always at my aide when i need him. Most of the time i just need something explained and he is more than happy to explain how to work with my Bavarian V10!!! Did i mention his team of mechanics do a spectacular job of working on my vehicles in a timely clean fashion? As a family run business you get the sense of pride in the work they stand behind. Sheni, his wife and team make sure your trips to them are comfortable, memorable and for a fraction less than elsewhere. I believe in the saying ” If it aint broke, dont fix it”!….so does Sheni!!! I have a physician that works….to keep my health in check. I have a dentist that works……to keep my pearly whites gleaming. And yes, I have a BMW doctor/connoseur, doting father and a friend that makes sure that anything that ails my humble Bavarian steed is taken care of with the most care and ability! I’ve had different work done at the BMW dealership and other BMW shops and nothing compares to Shenis because…..here; your not just a mere number, your family!!! Check out Sheisautotrend.com or drop-by his shop and utterly change your BMW experience!!!!

    Date of Posting: 04 August 2011
    Posted By: Mr Moe

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  • Ryan Thomas

    Sheni does a great job on my car and he gives you honest/resonable prices. Thanks Sheni

    Date of Posting: 09 June 2011
    Posted By: Ryan Thomas
    BMW M Coupe

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  • Jason Williams

    I have had my boxster for just over a year,and the owner before me had been bring this great car to Auto Trend before. Thank god he did. The staff at Auto Trend do an outstanding job. I will always bring the boxster to see Sheni,and his staff. Looking to buy a 911 next. great job.

    Date of Posting: 04 May 2011
    2001 boxster

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  • Jay Williams

    After problems trying to get my BMW repair while it was on warranty at a BMW dealership in Calgary, I asked Sheni for a second opinion. Got a straightforward diagnosis that was right on the money, something that I never got from the dealership. Sheni’s Auto-Trend will have all of my future business. I would highly recommend you take your car to Sheni’s Auto-Trend.

    Date of Posting: 08 April 2011
    Posted By: Jay Williams
    2006 BMW X5 4.8is

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