Volkswagen Diagnostics & Repair

Volkswagen Repair CalgaryWhether you have a classic, GTI or you’ve built a highly tuned GOLF R32, we have the capabilities to address all of your automotive needs.

Playing to the strengths of our German car repair and routine maintenance, we have been working on VWs for decades.

VW Repair & Service

Utilizing our 30+ years of combined experience on modern VWs we know these vehicles inside and out, and have the years of training to back it up.

When it comes to the modern VW issues we have completed all the services you may encounter. From excessive cranking time to start due to CTS sensors, torque converter fault codes, or the common modern mass air flow issues, window regulation problem, or fuel injection you are in great hands to quick, accurately diagnose, repair, and get you back on the road.

If your like us, you might want to go from stock to performance. Call us about your next upgrade, chip tune, or suspension work via coilovers or suspension tuning.

  1. Mileage Based Service
  2. Coding / Programming
  3. Vacuum System
  4. Diagnosis and repair
  5. Maintenance/service
  6. Mechanical repairs
  7. Electrical repairs
  8. Air conditioning repairs
  9. Alignments
  10. Wheels and tires
  11. Exhaust repairs/upgrades
  12. Modifications
  13. Glass replacement
  14. Cleaning/detailing

Volkswagen Repair Calgary

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