What is ecu tuning?

ECU tuning is another way of you experiencing the full essence of your car. It is widely known that the ECU tuning is still very much not utilized by most car owners, even with its stated benefits. This can be attributed to the perceived cost of purchase and the inability to comprehend its mode of working by most car enthusiasts.

The engine control unit is easy to fix in the car and has lots of economic benefits to the motor vehicle user, the ECU device predominantly controls everything in the car and allows your vehicle to function at high and cost friendly performance. The ECU is like a computer that dictates how your car functions, even to the most smidgen car accessories, it controls everything.

Steps of fixing an ECU device into the car

  • Remove key from ignition
  • Plug in chip
  • Start vehicle and drive

Benefits of properly tuning your ecu

If you are privileged to be accustomed to the use of an ECU car tuning; then it simply means that:

  • You will be able to maximize the horsepower that was initially compatible with your car from manufacturers specifications, which was not fully utilized due to the absence of an engine control unit.
  • It eases your engine’s power, thus saving the stress of having to change gears in between a drive.
  • It opens you to numerous opportunities for car upgrades without deteriorating its performance level
  • The ECU helps your car to accelerate at a better pace and without much work from you.
  • It helps to either reduce or add to your engine range as required.
  • Cost conscious with the ECU embedded into your car; it helps to save cost attributed gas purchases.

Every car model has its type of ECU which is usually upgraded regularly by its manufacturers. Therefore, know what kind of car you are driving; there is an ECU to enhance its functions for you.

how to know if your car would benefit from a tune

  • For you to be able to tune your engine, you must be aware of its dates of manufacture, the model of the car; every ECU is on a default setting from its manufacturers and so needs to be unlocked
  • It is also pertinent for you to comprehend that for any accessories that you replaced or removed from the car, you will have tune the engine again for it to be compatible once more.

Car manufacturers can tune their cars through lashing, then erase the map on it’s ECU and implanting a much more upgraded one. It is more like an update of mobile applications on your mobile devices. At the moment car manufacturers tune their cars every few months, so it is advisable for you to tune your car annually, to keep up with the latest upgrade.

Furthermore, you don’t have to tune your engine when you change the exhaust; it is self-tuning. But when you replace or add new cylinder and camshaft, and these changes go through the data hub and affects the ECU. This engine tuning is imminent.


The ECU software can be manipulated using a computer or any similar device, in updating and altering the geographical location of a car; whenever your car is taken to an Engineer, a computer interface is usually plugged for an update or to tune your car.

Also, as a lover of cars who loves understanding whatever accessories your new car is compatible with, you can tune your car yourself, by learning and acquire the tuning software. This software allows you to alter a few embedded features in your car and these features are spark timing, car speed limit, and engine reverberation limit.

In conclusion, the ECU benefits are enormous and help any car enthusiast to enjoy the full essence of your car. Although, ECUs are not cheap to come by, which invariably reduces the number of car owners patronizing the devices, but its exorbitant cost can be attributed to the difficulties encountered when trying to update the firmware of most popular cars. It takes months of excruciating pain, so if you are cost conscious, love trending technologies and wants to enjoy the functions of your car thoroughly, then ECU is the right answer for you.


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