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  • Greg Berry

    Sheni’s Auto-Trend is the BEST place in town for any auto issues that you are having. Staff are all of the highest level and it is a family run business so there is so much care and consideration put in at every step of the process. The quality of work…

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  • Ivan B

    As a first time Mercedes owner, I was unsure of what I really needed on my very low mileage, new to me, E550. So after reading reviews and making some phone calls, I chose Sheni's Auto-Trend to perform my first maintenance and inspection. We'll, I'm glad i did! I spoke…

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  • David Diakow

    Excellent service. They explained clearly what issues I had and provided a realistic cost estimate and time-frame for fixing my BMW. I trust their expertise.

  • Caesar Rao

    Been a customer of Sheni’s for 30 years. The old man is the best ;)

  • Ahmed S

    Got our new car from Zuhair and he went above and beyond for us. We were interested in viewing a vehicle that was needed on short notice. He cancelled his weekend plans to show us the vehicle and it ended up being exactly what our family needed. Zuhair was knowledgeable,…

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  • Teagan Morrison

    Absolutely fantastic shop, professional, quick, fair, priced fairly. Friendly staff. Called to update if there were any changes. And the only shop I’ll take any of my bmw’s too

  • Corey Smith

    I started using shenis in September when I needed some work done to my car. they came up as one of the highest rated Bmw shops in the city and that rating is true. They explain what needs to be done and why, and I never feel like I've been…

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  • Mark Becker

    Sheni’s is my go-to shop for years for BMW outside the OEM dealers in Calgary. I can always rely on Sheni and his team to strive to do the best work they can at a best for the customer cost/value. Highly recommended.

  • sameer qureshi

    Been with Shenis auto trend for 10 yrs , Great reliable service

  • Jim Murray

    First time here. Thought I’d try them out on my winter vehicle and very impressed. I’d trust them to work on my summer baby