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About Advanced Flow Engineering

Are you looking to increase your engine’s power?
aFe has designed three different air intake systems to meet the needs of your power hungry engine. For the largest possible performance gain replace the entire air box and intake tract with our STAGE 2 open element air intake system. If you want to maintain a factory appearance our STAGE 2 Si sealed air box provides quiet power. For a great value and easy installation our STAGE 1 air intake systems adds instant horsepower and torque.


Airflow / Volumetric Efficiency

Huge, high-flow conical air filters are the first step to increased airflow to the engine. Steel heat shields or molded plastic air boxes keep hot air out and fresh, cold air flowing to the filter. Velocity stacks and precision-designed intake tubes provide smooth, uninterrupted airflow to the turbo or throttle body.

Key Features

ELEMENT Open element: Air filter element is exposed or partially covered

HORSEPOWER Maximum HP gains from massive open element air filters 20-40 HP GAIN* TORQUE Huge low-end towing power and torque increases 35-60 LB-FT TQ GAIN*

SOUND Throaty sound: Open element provides a mean growl

STYLE One-piece steel heat shield/air box with massive air filter