About Extreme Turbo Systems

EXTREME TURBO SYSTEMS offers custom built Intercoolers and Intercooler Kits for you vehicle. If you’re making 50 horsepower to 1000+ horsepower, we have the intercooler that will suit your needs. ETS specializes in manufacturing intercoolers, and have the ability to build any custom intercooler to your specs. Taking care of all the details, from Silicone hose and T-Bolt Clamps to a selection of intercooler accessories.

The factory diverter valves and charge pipe is made out of plastic and is prone to leak under normal boosting conditions. This leak results in less power and less performance. The ETS Charge Pipe is a full 3.0 inch pipe made from 304 stainless steel and designed to handle higher then stock boost levels with no leaking.

Unlike our competitors we designed our 135i and 335i charge pipe to incorporate the factory 45 degree elbow. When matched with our intercooler kit the complete cold is replaced with 304 stainless steeling piping, 4-ply silicone and Breeze T-bolt clamps. By doing this it allows our charge pipe to work with LCI equipped vehicles.