About SPEC

Spec clutches and flywheels are manufactured using the most advanced methods under the strictest tolerances. Spec is committed to making the very finest parts is at the core of what they stand for as a company and don’t accept anything less.


This unit is a solid hub version of the stage 3. The hub is solid 8-rivet and the assembly is heat treated for strength and durability. It is available in a 3, 4 or 6 puck configuration. Use the 3 pucks for the lightest option or the 6 puck for the smoothest engagement. The 4 pucks is a good compromise for both. Street drivable in 6-puck configuration, but not street friendly due to the rigid hub. Best for drag racing, road racing, pulling, rallye and drift.

  • High clamp pressure plate

  • Carbon-Graphite Friction Material

  • High torque solid hub and disc assembly

  • Bearing and tool kit