Brakes Upgrades

If you are driving a high performance car, you will require much greater stopping power than your typical factory brake systems provide.

Generally, car manufacturers will install lower quality brake systems to reduce the cost of production, so not only will your factory standard brakes have lower power, they will also fade quickly after hard braking.

Whether you’re a spirited driver, or you’re planning on going to the track, being able to brake on time consistently should be a high priority for you and your vehicle.

Sheni’s Auto Trend provides brake upgrades in Calgary across a range of different vehicle makes and models, so whether you want to upgrade your performance compound pads and cross-drilled or slotted rotors, or whether you want to install a big kit such as Brembo brakes, Stop-Tech, or Alcon, we can help improve your car.

Sheni’s Auto Trend also provides a bespoke brake service, where we work with you to determine your specific goals and requirements and create a completely custom set-up for your vehicle.

You can read more about the brake brands we use below. So if you’re looking for brake upgrades in Calgary, get in touch with Sheni’s Auto Trend.

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