Whether you’ve got a classic Audi 100, or you’ve built a highly-tuned Audi (B5) RS4, here at Sheni’s Auto Trend we have all the experience and technology to help repair and maintain your pride and joy.

With over 30 years of experience doing German car repairs and routine maintenance, our team includes some of the most highly skilled Audi specialists in Calgary.

As well as offering off-the-shelf services and repairs, we also do bespoke work with Audi owners who have specific performance goals for their vehicles.

What are some of the modern Audi issues we’ve worked on recently?

  • Excessive cranking due to CTS sensors

  • Torque converter fault codes

  • B6 wiper transmission

  • Modern mass air flow issues

  • Window regulation problems

  • Fuel injection

What kind of Audi diagnostics and repair does Sheni’s provide?

Whatever the problem, our team is here to provide Audi diagnostics and repair as quickly as possible so you can get back on the road.

  1. Coding and programming

  2. Vacuum system

  3. Diagnosis and repair

  4. Maintenance and service

  5. Mechnical repairs

  6. Electrical repairs

  7. Air conditioning repairs

  8. Alignments

  9. Wheels and tires

  10. Exhaust repairs and upgrades

  11. Modifications

  12. Glass replacement

  13. Cleaning and detailing

  14. ... And so much more!

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