Book Your Volkswagen Service – Calgary

If you need a Volkswagen service in Calgary, then Sheni’s Auto Trend can provide everything you need to put your pride and joy back on the road into tip-top condition.

We have top-of-the-line diagnostic computers that most independent auto shops don’t have, as well as having some of the most experienced and highly trained technicians in Calgary – so we can give your VW all the experience and expertise you would get at a dealer but without the cost.

Volkswagen Specialists in Calgary

We have a great relationship with the Volkswagen brand, and we are kept up-to-date with all of the newest technology, making us a trusted partner for all things VW.

You can also be confident that we will only fix what needs to be fixed – we’re not going to insist you have a whole new cooling system if your fan clutch goes out!

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  1. Coolant Flush

  2. Alignments

  3. Mount & Balance Tyres

  4. Wheel Swaps

  5. General inspection

  6. Pre-purchase Inspections

  7. Oil services

  8. Brake fluid flush


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