BENTLEY Maintenance in Calgary

Whether you need regular Bentley maintenance, or specific repairs and fluid checks or changes, Sheni’s Auto Trend provides a range of maintenance services that will keep your Bentley in tip-top condition.

Our team has over 30 years of experience maintaining, repairing, and optimising Bentley vehicles, and we work hard to stay up-to-date with all of the latest upgrades and technology releases.

The Sheni’s Auto Trend workshop has all of the latest coding and programming software for high performance vehicles, as well as a range of high quality fluids and parts to maintain your Bentley’s engine.

We offer a level of experience and expertise you can normally only get at dealerships, but our prices are typically 30-60% cheaper than dealership prices.

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What Bentley Maintenance Services Do Sheni’s Provide?

  1. Suspension

    If you notice that your car is a rougher ride than usual, or your handling feels heavier, then it might be time for some maintenance to your Bentley suspension.

  2. Brakes

    As part of your Bentley's brake maintenance, we’ll check and replace your brake pads, and check and replace your brake fluid is clean.

  3. Clutch

    Your clutch has various moving parts that need regular maintenance so you can avoid expensive problems in the future. We’ll check all your clutch parts as well as topping off your transmission fluid.

  4. Fluids

    We’ll check the fluids in your engine, whether it’s an oil change or checking your engine coolant.

  5. Belts and Hoses

    Damaged belts and hoses can cause engine overheating and expensive repairs. Heat, oil, ozone, and abrasion will all cause the rubber elements to deteriorate, so checking and maintaining them is crucial to avoid breakdowns and expensive engine repairs.

  6. Timing Belt

    We’ll make sure your timing chain is correctly synchronized, avoiding engine misfires, oil leaks, and failure to start your engine.

  7. Lights

    We’ll make sure your external and internal lights are aligned correctly and all your bulbs are working properly.

So if you are looking for Bentley maintenance in Calgary, whether it’s for a one-off service or for a full suite of maintenance, visit Sheni’s Auto Trend.


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