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  • Marwan HILAL

    Love this shop, very clean and they know their industry. They have been working on my BMW since brand new. I trust them more than BMW dealership. Thank you guys

  • Austin Kirk

    Best choice in Calgary for your European vehicle.

  • Robert Norum

    I’ve been taking my BMW 3 series to Sheni’s for the past 4 years. The service provided has been excellent, and the staff are both friendly and knowledgeable. They’ve done regular servicing and upgrades to my car, I have no plans on taking my car anywhere else.

  • Paul Imperius

    The folks at Sheni's know when to help. I bought a used Audi from a used car dealer in Calgary and it came with a few problems. (Buyer beware) I have been back numerous times and everytime I go they are sympathetic to my situation. Last time I was just…

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  • Catherine Brownlee

    Outstanding quality service! They are always finding a way for me to save money, while still ensuring that I have the fast and safe driving machine that I purchased, and #love to #drive. Thank you!

  • Christine Richard

    Great service

  • Ali Taha

    Honest and Friendly! If you are looking for a place that isn't looking to rip your shirt off your back I would highly recommend visiting Sheni's Auto Trend! I dealt with Zuhair and couldn't by happier. He took the time to explain everything to me, advised me on what potential…

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  • Michael Tighe

    Fast, efficient, got tired changed and rotated. Super slick, loved it. Thanks Zuhair!

  • GreatWhite5er !

    Back in 2015 they were the only shop in town that would put my high end after market performance parts in my 2008 535xi . we sat worked out a game plan on how were going to go about the total install ... Zu (Sheni's son) and I together worked…

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  • Jason Duncan

    Sheni and his team are very knowledgeable and take the time to provide thorough explanations on service requirements