Upgrade Categories

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Sheni's Auto Trend has been upgrading BMW, Mercedes, and all European Car brands for the past 30 years. We know European Car Upgrades, and we'll treat your car like we would our own.


Improve on the factory styling while adding a personal touch to your vehicle with the accessory upgrades we offer at Sheni's Auto-Trend.

Clutch & Flywheel

As the performance of your car increases, and as your engine’s power output becomes greater, there is a much greater stress on your clutch. Upgrade your clutch for optimum performance.


ECU Tuning

Sheni's Auto Trend is Calgary's BMW Engine ECU Tuning expert, with over 30 years' experience unlocking the full potential of your BMW.



Fluids play a huge role in almost every facet of your car, including fuel economy and longevity. Keeping them at the proper level will help your car last longer and drive better, something we at Sheni's Auto-Trend can really get behind.



Handling performance is crucial in terms of safety, vehicle stability, and driving pleasure. There are several components involved in maintaining or increasing the handling performance of your vehicle.


Increase your vehicle's horsepower with intake, forced induction, cooling, or exhaust parts at Sheni's Auto-Trend. We carry parts designed specifically to meet the highest standards for European cars.

Wheels & Tires

Whether you’re searching for a basic wheel or a low-profile, high performance tire - your goal should be to find the highest quality product that meets your specific needs and budget.