Clutch & Flywheel Upgrades

As the performance of your car increases, and as your engine’s power output becomes greater, there is a much greater stress on your clutch.

Whether you’ve added an exhaust upgrade or you’ve had your car dyno tuned, as your car performs at a higher level, its clutch will need a much greater holding and clamping capacity.

The friction material found on factory discs is simply riveted to the disc center section, so under severe use and/or high RPM applications, the disc material can fragment and break apart, becoming dislodged from the center section. When this happens, it means the clutch has failed completely and you won’t be able to operate your vehicle.

Upgrading to a Limited Slip Differential (LSD) has many benefits over a standard factory open differential, including maximizing traction, reducing wheel spin, and eliminating torque steer.

Here at Sheni’s Auto-Trend in Calgary we can provide performance clutch kit and lightweight flywheels for your everyday driver, or stage 3 clutch kits and lightweight flywheels for high horsepower/ track cars.

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