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Suspension Upgrades

A lot of factory suspension components leave room for improvement, as vehicle manufacturers use cheap parts to keep the cost of production down. This means that any car owner looking to improve their vehicle performance should consider a suspension upgrade or replacement.

If you want to improve your vehicle’s handling by reducing body roll, lower the center of gravity, or just want to minimize the ugly fender gap that makes your car look “lifted” then Sheni’s Auto-Trend is the place to come.

Whether you use your vehicle as a daily driver, or you use it for track (such as road or drag racing), Sheni’s Auto Trend can help you with the ideal suspension set-up. There are many components that can improve the handling of your car, and some of the suspension services we offer include coilover installation, sway bars, polyurethane bushings, camber kits, adjustable control arms, and sub-frame reinforcement.

We also provide suspension repairs in Calgary, so if you have an existing performance upgrade that needs fixing, get in touch.

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