About Active Autowerke

Since 1981, Active Autowerke has been known as the BMW innovators when it comes to BMW performance. All products come with a 2 Year Warranty.


Reach Turbo Optimum Peak

The turbo is often described as a device that creates free horsepower because it is driven by already spent exhaust gases. In the BMW 135i and 335i, this exhaust gas is being restricted by the current factory downpipe, which slows down the speed of the factory turbo to maintain or reaching the turbo optimum peak. The N55DP was created from inception as a test pipe that would substitute the factory exhaust catalyst to relieve this backpressure.

Faster, More Responsive Engine

As such, the end result is a product primarily suited for off road applications like racing. A turbo impeller wheel speed is mostly limited by the exhaust backpressure within the system. If one could eliminate some or most of this exhaust backs pressure, the turbo will spool that much faster and effortlessly resulting in quicker engine revs and increases horsepower. The Active Autowerke Signature exhaust down pipe is designed with the intent to maximize the power. The downpipe is created with the least amount of restriction possible by utilizing 4.00″ piping with the least amount of bends possible. What you will experience is a faster, more responsive engine because the turbo impeller now has the ability to spool that much faster. The end result is more power. For added durability, factory like support braces are also implemented to alleviate the stresses upon the turbo. Made from 304 stainless steel throughout ensures a robust and durable exhaust that will provide trouble free performance with the longevity to match. All flanges are 304 stainless steel with 0.060″ wall thickness (1.50mm).