About Brembo

Brembo’s prestigious motorsports results and their immediate influence in the Upgrade and Tuning segments contribute to constantly improving quality and reliability across the entire product range. From the track to the street, Brembo wins the challenge of innovation.

The Brembo HPK range offers car upgrading and tuning enthusiasts a choice of the best-suited components to suit their needs and to enhance the performance of their vehicles.

By replacing the original braking system with totally reliable Brembo products designed specifically for upgrading, anyone can now significantly improve their car’s braking performance.

Specifically Designed For Total Compatibility


Floating discs with a rotor in high carbon cast iron and a hat in billet aluminum.

These discs are the same size as the original equipment parts and have been specifically designed for total compatibility with the standard calipers, wheels and all other original components of the vehicle.

With a hat in aluminum alloy, the floating disc system reduces unsprung mass, for improved handling, and thermal stress. The mounting system is engineered to permit a greater degree of both radial and axial float.