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Are you in love with the design and drive ability of your vehicle but sometimes feels like if it came underpowered from the factory? Well, you are not alone!
Our main goal is to maximize your vehicle’s performance safely and within the tolerances of the engine and hardware, without any sacrifice in drive ability or smoothness.


We are able to bring you the cutting edge in automotive computer programming for all European and Import vehicles including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, VW, Lotus, Lamborghini and more…

A vehicle’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) controls all of the engines operating functions. These include fuel, timing, turbo boost, throttle control, and much more. There are also hundreds of algorithms which make adjustments to the engines functions dependent upon current operating conditions; such as intake temperature, barometric pressure, fuel quality, etc.

Vehicle manufacturers typically tune the vehicles ECU very conservatively. This leaves unused performance available. Sheni’s Auto-Trend precisely tunes the ECU “maps” that effect performance such as fuel, timing, boost pressure, and throttle response. In most cases we also raise or remove governors. All of the engines safety parameters are left in tact. Part throttle fuel and timing are optimized to deliver better highway fuel economy and smoothness. The result is a car that has better drivability that is standard with much more available power and performance. The overall reliability and longevity of the engine are not compromised.


Calgary Tuning | Tuning Calgary | Car tuning CalgarySome performance additions such as an exhaust system, ECU flash or smaller pulley can make a significant difference in your vehicle’s power and torque but many car enthusiasts want to stand out from the rest and push the engine’s potential one step further. For those owners Sheni’s Auto-Trend offers complete custom or bolt-on Turbo and Supercharger kit upgrades including everything from injectors, manifold, Turbo or Supercharger, tuning, etc… In other words, tell us what your power goal is and we will provide you with a package that best suit your needs. Check out the Project Cars page for some of our own turbo/supercharger setups.


Calgary Tuning | Tuning Calgary | Car tuning CalgaryMost factory exhaust systems leave room for improvement as many companies use less expensive alternatives when producing them to keep cost down. A performance exhaust can free some of the power in your engine by allowing for a quicker, more efficient path for exhaust gases to escape. There are several other advantages to adding an aftermarket performance exhaust system such as a more aggressive exhaust tone, weight reduction, added longevity by using better materials and a more refined appearance.

Here at Sheni’s Auto-Trend we can and will guide you in the right direction if you are not sure what exhaust system is better for you vehicle. We can supply and install any specific name brand exhaust such as Remus, RPI, Magnaflow, Supersprint, Active, Vangaurd and much more. We can also fabricate a custom exhaust specific to your liking.


Calgary Tuning | Tuning Calgary | Car tuning CalgarySame as exhaust systems most factory suspension components leave room for improvement. If you are looking to improve your vehicle’s handling by reducing body roll, lower the center of gravity or just want to minimize the ugly fender gap that makes your car look “lifted” Sheni’s Auto-Trend is the right place!

There are many suspension components that can improve the handling of your car depending on application. Whether you use it as a daily driver or for track such as road or drag racing Sheni’s Auto-Trend can provide you with the ideal suspension setup. Some of the suspension services we offer are coilover installation, sway bars, polyurethane bushings, camber kits, adjustable control arms, and subframe reinforcement.


Most factory brake systems will not provide the necessary stopping power that a high performance vehicle requires and will fade after hard braking. Whether you are a spirited driver or are planning on going to the track, being able to consistently brake on time should be a main priority.

Sheni’s Auto-Trend brake upgrades vary anywhere from performance compound pads and cross-drilled or slotted rotors to big brake kits such as Brembo, Stop-Tech, Alcon or a complete custom setup where you can decide!


Calgary Tuning | Tuning Calgary | Car tuning CalgaryAs power output of engines increase and demands on clutches become greater, the holding and clamping capacity of a clutch also must increase. The friction material found on factory discs is simply riveted to the disc center section. Under severe use and/or high RPM applications, the disc material can fragment and break apart, becoming dislodged from the disc center section. Once this occurs, the clutch has failed completely and you will not be able to operate your vehicle. Here at Sheni’s Auto-Trend we can provide performance clutch kit and lightweight flywheels for your everyday driver or stage 3 clutch kits and lightweight flywheels for high horsepower/ track cars.

Also upgrading to a limited slip differential (LSD) has many benefits over a standard factory open differential. Some of those benefits are maximizing traction, reducing wheel spin and eliminating torque steer.


Calgary Tuning | Tuning Calgary | Car tuning CalgaryBuilding a fine European motor for maximum power requires precision and accuracy. For those of you looking to push past the stock engine capabilities the replacements of parts such as reinforced forged pistons and rods are necessary. By building and reinforcing the engine’s “block or bottom-end” we make sure that the additional added power is not going to create any damage or put at risk the integrity of your engine’s internals.

Another key factor in engine building is the “cylinder head”. In many occasions a built head is a must to achieve the full potential of your engine’s power output. Reinforced components such as valve springs with titanium retainers, valves and camshafts will help your engine RPM’s to go over the factory limits allowing for longer shifts and a higher power output. Sheni’s Auto-trend recommends engine builds for any turbo/supercharger upgrade to stage 2 or higher.


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